What makes you self-conscious?

Does my face look chubbier today? Does this hairstyle suit me? Am I walking too slow? Too fast?

I am guilty of being that person who is self conscious pretty much all the time. I worry about how I appear to other people, whether it’s a bad hair day or a stain on my shirt.

I’ll say it how it is: I want people to like me. The idea of people thinking I am a nice person, looks organised- pretty even- appeals to me.

The past year my perspective of myself has changed greatly, particularly as I have gotten older I notice that I care about how people view me. It’s that irritating feeling when you want to look nice but I do NOT want to seem like a try hard. Pretty vain I know.

As a young women the struggle of having a need to be perfect is something I deal with everyday. But I have come to accept that nobody is that perfect!

Everybody has insecurities which is perfectly normal but i still find myself wondering how do i stop?

It can be hard to not to be self critical of your self and point out everything that is wrong. Something I have been starting to do is look at what is right and be grateful for the features that make you who you are.

The key is to not care what people think – yes I know I know its the advice been told a bazillion times but that is the truth.

When I was younger I was incredibly chubby ( and not the cute kind) then I lost a lot of weight. I would look back on photos and hate how I ruined them. People asked me if I had gone on a diet which kept me thinking about my weight.

I felt uncomfortable when my face looked puffier but it’s come to a point where I really did not want to care about this. And so I did my best to accept all of it. When I gain weight or lose it – none of it even matters. As long as I’m healthy.

Because what does matter is how you think of yourself.

You are your worst critic. Almost all of the time people don’t even notice. Do what is best for yourself- not for others and you will appear happier and nicer on the outside.

That little voice in your head making you doubt yourself is just in your head. I promise you that you most definitely look amazing, so do what you can to feel amazing ! The quirks are what make you special.

It’s the little things that make you who you are so flaunt it! Lift your head up and keep going, because people see what you want them to see. Smile and show the world that you’re friendly and that’s what matters. Don’t even bother thinking about the different coloured socks you put on today.

One of the reasons I began a blog was so that I could share my experience of topics like this. I want people to be able to relate to me and share how they dealt with experiences in their own life.

So how about you? What makes you self conscious and how do you deal with it? I want to hear it all.

Love from Sophia x

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